Philippine Fail Blog Down Update

Many thanks to a person nicknamed Juan Tamad we finally have some clarity about what happened to Philippine Fail Blog. He said in a comment on the previous Senseyard post that Captain PFB had decided to move on, letting go of PFB to focus on another blogging pursuit,

I checked the site and voila, Captain’s blog design preferences are evident there. The Activity page for example looks pretty much the same as PFB’s. That and a few other cues make it very convincing that it is Captain’s blog and that he’s left us all in limbo intentionally, even doing so abruptly and without warning. PFB is not down, but gone. If it’s just down due to hacking and whatnot, Captain would have restored the site promptly. But it’s been gone since the start of January and today’s February 12th.

I never thought I’d be missing the blog like this, having posted a few articles there advocating a minimization of “washing away” negative emotions through a blog like PFB and a maximization of protecting oneself by avoiding those emotions in the first place. But I miss the sense of community and belonging, of knowing that there are people out there thinking the same way.

I wish Captain restores the site online even just as a memento. It wouldn’t be complete without the comments, which I loved reading. I even miss Mike and his energy, even though I disliked how he treated some members harshly. I just wish PFB is still alive.

2 thoughts on “Philippine Fail Blog Down Update

  1. juan tamad Reply

    the entire site is archived at take a look here. this is the what pfb looked like on may 12, 2016: give it a try. also come help me out at

    i was going to update more often but i would run out of things to post if i did. so i will try to update on fridays. thats why i need submissions and commenters.

    the man was a fool to make an anti-trump blog which will only be good for 8 years. pfb will never ever go out of style. a google search shows it was relatively popular and well-known. and it was the only website of its kind detailing the craziness in this country. it also wasn’t just foreigners complaining. there were quite a few posts that were very informative as to establishing a business and going through all the red tape.

  2. Mike Reply

    Greetings to all. Capt PFB brought back PFB on 14Feb2017 and it is up and running as I type this. Lot of the old members are showing up. Mike is now Gunner.

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