What Happened to Philippine Fail Blog? Down, Gone?

I’d been reading philippinefailblog.com since 2015¬†and found it to be a very entertaining, informative and useful site. I tried to access it a few days ago and it’s nowhere to be found. The domain seems to have been bought by someone else since it redirects to a Japanese/Chinese site. Did Captain PFB forget to renew the domain or did he intentionally let it expire?

Whoever has a copy of the entire site, please share it. Or whoever has any idea what happened, please share the info. Anyone?

12 thoughts on “What Happened to Philippine Fail Blog? Down, Gone?

  1. Bob Reply

    A favourite of mine too! The site went down on 01 January. Captain PFB left a message for a couple of days saying that he had moved-on to other things (American Anti-Trump Site). Personally, I think that something a little more ‘Sinister’ happened! (Couple the Closure of PFB and ‘Anti-American’) I’m still in touch with a couple of PFB Expats, and I am thinking of opening a Blogspot or WordPress Page! – God knows we need it!

    • Gladman Post authorReply

      Hey Bob, thanks for the updates. Cap PFB sure had a history of wanting to let go of the blog and actually did so one time, only to restore it a few days later due to popular demand. Based on what you said it seems he’s just had enough of it. It must have not been a coincidence that he finally killed the blog on January 1st – beginning of the year, beginning of a new life.

      Whether something ‘sinister’ happened we don’t know yet. I’m hoping Cap PFB makes another 180 turn and reinstate the blog, but if he really wants to call it quits forever I hope someone else takes over, preferably somebody who was a very active member of PFB.

    • Gladman Post authorReply

      I think Juan Tamad and Bob gave us the information we needed. If PFB was simply hacked, Captain could have restored the blog in less than a week. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, but there’s apparently no will.

  2. juan tamad Reply


    the owner abandoned the site for a new anti-trump website intrumpetence.com. come help me rebuild philippinefailblog at philippinefailblog.blogspot.com

    in decemeber he posted a note that he was done with philippinefaiblog.

    you can find archives at archive.org/web

  3. Gary Reply

    I have also been following the Philippines Fail Blog for years. Now it’s gone. Guess I will miss Captain Mike and Pinoy Lover And many others. Could someone use your site to continue blogging?

  4. 50-50 Reply

    It really sucks that it’s gone.

    I love how Mike, Capt. PFB, & the others really intellectually roast the Dutetards & Marcostards & disappeared from the website. So entertaining.

    Could someone please make a successor. I’d be happy to share the dumb stuff delusional Dutetards & Marcostards do. Seeing them getting roasted in the online debates is so entertaining. XD

    • Gladman Post authorReply

      It sure is. I have been itching to read a new PFB article, so much so that it became a habit to try to load the site url almost everyday, hoping that the site one day pops right back up.

  5. CaptainPFB Reply

    After the US Election, and dealing with another hack on PFB, in a moment of meltdown and weakness, I threw my hands in the air and said “SCREW IT” and hit the delete button. It was hacked and sending millions of spam emails. The authorities contacted the hosting company and I really had no more patience, and pulled the plug on it.

    But it’s back up with a new, more secure platform, and we’re all working to rebuild it, and bring in the old archives. I think it’s even better now, as it’s now a fully functional social network as well.

    Come have a look.

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